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Passionate and Creative Experts

At MBUR and Co., our mission is to bring to life our clients’ visions by artfully creating meaningful, significant and impactful brands.


Hola! I'm Maritza and I like to consider myself as the colorful brainchild behind my company. With over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, community engagement initiatives and event planning, it was my dream to take that knowledge and launch what is now MBUR and Co.! 

I worked in the commercial construction industry for over 17 years for a global firm. During this time, I gained an incredible amount of experience in marketing and supplier diversity.  In marketing, I was instrumental in the development of proposals, presentations and sales strategies that led to many successful wins of multi-million construction projects across the country. In supplier diversity, I was responsible for leading diversity program initiatives and supporting multi-million construction projects in identifying diverse businesses to participate in procurement opportunities and successfully achieving high participation goals. The work I achieved in this capacity has been recognized multiple times. 

Applying years of experience working in fields that required intense attention to detail, creative thinking, and a passion to design creative and impactful material and initiatives is what has served as a unique advantage to the clients I serve. 

The Story Behind the Name

When I first launched my company in 2019 I started with the name MB Creative Solutions which was a good name but I've always felt it didn't represent my true creativity. In 2021, while relocating to Texas from Florida, I ran into the issue that the name was taken. Of course it was frustrating but I took it as an opportunity to rebrand and make it unique.


Why MBUR and a Phoenix symbol? Well, it's short and sweet with parts of my name combined. However, the real meaning is quite deeper than that. MBUR is pronounced [em-ber] just like the stone or piece of burning coal. Phoenixes are emblems of rebirth because of the mythology surrounding them. According to legend, they periodically burn, and then rise again from their ashes. So, both the Phoenix and ember represent the constant fire I feel I have inside me and how through any circumstances/challenges I continue to rise again from the ashes. MBUR and Co. is my rebirth. 

I'd love to learn more about you and how I can help you brand your company with meaningful and impactful strategies as I did for my own company. 



Maritza Burgos 
President & CEO

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